BBQ School

So you think you can barbecue? Come on swallow your pride and let Smokie show you all the techniquest of becoming the master smoker of meats!

First you will receive 8 hours of one on one training in:

  1. How to choose your meats
  2. Good pricing on meats
  3. Locations to purchase quality meats

Second Food preparation:

  1. How to trim your ribs
  2. Best method to cut your whole chickens
  3. Seansonings, rubs, marinating

Third, “Smoking”:

  1. You will learn how to choose your wood/where to buy your wood
  2. How to start your fire in the pit/maintaining and controlling fire and heat
  3. How to know when your ribs, briskets, chicken, etc. is ready to eat
  4. How to cut, chop and trim cooked meats before serving
  5. Best way to package and preserve your meats

An offer for serious barbecue smokers

You will also be able to order a custom smoker built to your specifications and satisfaction from the same man that designs my pits on wheels.

When I’m done, you’ll be repaired and have the confidence to host your own “SMOKEY” bbq occasion!  And if you’re not comfortable yet, then I’ll come over to your gathering and baby sit you.

Give us a call at 972-815-8500 for more information, and while you’re at it, go ahead and sign up for our mailing list for regular bites of BBQ Delivery!